Importance of reading Reviews Online

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With the rise of online shopping, entrepreneurs are increasing their efforts to make their products look as appealing as possible to as large of an audience as they can manage. Unfortunately for consumers, this means that what they are buying is not always of the best quality or even what they really anticipated purchasing in the first place. Online reviews allow buyers to have more concrete feedback about the products they are considering. Reading these can save time, money, and a great deal of hassle. Below are three reasons why reading online reviews is important.


Companies encourage purchasers to write reviews about their products. This is not just to get a good reputation. Online reviews make companies more visible to the public and even allow them to target larger audiences. Search engines use an algorithm which increases favorably for the business the more positive reviews they receive. The same is true in the opposite, however. The algorithm can be changed to make companies who receive negative feedback just as visible as positive. Therefore, buyers have a bit of security that if their product appears quickly with negative reviews, it is for a very good reason.

True Consumer Opinion

Businesses know that the consumer population has drastically changed. Younger generations are more likely to shop online and will search for relevant information online, as well. They are also the leading generation for putting their honest opinions out in the open—no matter how brutal. Major companies encourage these truthful reviews through incentive programs. The opinions put online are true consumer opinions that reflect the good, bad, and the ugly about products, goods, and services.

Going in Blind

While there are many who do read reviews, there are an infinite number that do not and still shop online. A large population of these shoppers have commented online that they wish they would have read reviews beforehand. Invesp conducted several different polls about the importance of reading reviews and came to find that those who chose to do their research beforehand were more satisfied with not only the product but the experience. In today’s consumer driven world, with thousands of similar products being advertised, going in blind is not the best option.

A Personal Touch

Only about ten years ago, buyers were able to touch, feel, and see in person nearly everything they were contemplating. Since that culture has changed, so have the businesses. Quality and longevity of goods has decreased over the same length of time because businesses are aware that consumers have less control over the initial stages of purchasing products. In fact, many businesses have better return policies now a days. In the same, advertising has become less personal for the same reasons. Reviews are another story. Consumer reviews allow for that personal touch by the new form of salesmen, other buyers. The review community that has been created helps one another save time, money, and unnecessary returns just by reading a simple review.