How to use Facebook to Grow your eBook Audience

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You’ve finished writing your eBook and you’ve published it online. You might just be the next Yuval Noah Harari but without a bit of promotion, your book will never have the reach that it deserves. 

When it comes to reaching new audiences, social media marketing can go a long way. That’s why most eBook authors use Facebook to: 

  • Grow a loyal following 
  • Connect with a wide audience of readers and authors 
  • Promote their eBooks online

Facebook connects more people than any company that has gone before it and businesses are capitalising on this. Think of your eBook like the business venture it is and follow the steps below to reach Facebook’s audience, which is a phenomenal 60.6 percent of all internet users.

#1 Create a Facebook page

This page could be an authors page or it could be a page specifically for your eBook. Just like a business or brand, you and your eBook deserve your own Facebook page. Think of this as a fan page which all of your readers can follow and use to connect with you. 

This page will be used to deliver the latest news on your eBook. You could share snippets and relevant stories and information. Make sure to make this page as detailed as possible. After all, some people that come across it may have no prior knowledge of your eBook or what it is about. 

Make sure that the link to buy your eBook is included in the description of this page. You should also try and make sure that your Facebook page is well optimized, this will mean it comes up higher on Google when people search topics relating to your book. 

#2 Experiment with giveaways

You’re trying to make money so giving away freebies might at first seem counterproductive. But giveaways on social media can be an effective way for companies to gain exposure and grow a loyal following. 

This could be a competition, which includes giving away a free copy of your eBook to a few lucky winners. Ideally, these winners will enjoy your book and go on to share their views with others. This could result in more sales. 

Alternatively, you could partner up with other authors or relevant companies and give away free products or services in exchange for exposure. The best giveaway campaigns are shared across social media channels so be sure to advertise your Facebook giveaway on your personal account and across sites like Twitter and Instagram to ensure maximum engagement. 

Encourage readers to follow you in order to be in with a chance of winning. When running a Facebook giveaway competition remember: 

  • It should be easy for people to enter – the fewer steps the better 
  • Make it visually appealing (this could mean sharing a picture of your eBook or creating a beautiful graphic on a site like Canva)
  • Contact winners personally but also be sure to share the win publicly, tagging them in the comments 

#3 Join groups for writers 

Joining Facebook groups such as Writers Helping Writers or Writer’s Fight Club will help you to connect with other authors. This is a great place to network and spread the word about your new eBook. 

You could also use spaces such as this to find writers to collaborate with. Guest blogging or posting for another author with a substantial following could be an effective way to generate explosive growth for your eBook. 

#4 Create video trailers for your eBook 

Facebooks video features are one of the most under utlized yet effective ways to promote an eBook on the social media platform. The Facebook live feature can be used to promote your book in real time, you could use this to have someone interview you on the topic so that your followers can ask you any questions they have in the comments as you are being filmed. 

Alternatively, you could create a video trailer for your eBook. This could be done professionally or you could make a straightforward video on your computer of you explaining what the book is about and who it would benefit. 

The visual element of watching a video can be extremely eye-catching and could be one way to draw in audiences that a simple text post does not.

#5 Pay for Facebook advertisements 

Ultimately, the best way to advertise on Facebook is to fork out and pay for Facebook ads. This way you will appear on your chosen target audience’s newsfeed in a post that looks just like a regular one. 

The best practice is to make sure that your ad has a limited amount of text. Instead, try and grab your audiences attention with a powerful visual image or video. This could be a good opportunity to promote any giveaways that you might be running. 

Make sure that your Facebook advertisement links back to an impactful page on your website or to a place where people can buy your eBook. The more clicks you get here, the better. 

Consider your audience when running a Facebook ad and be sure to adjust to the time of day and target group that you feel would be most likely to purchase your eBook. 

Follow the above advice to use Facebook in the same way that brands and businesses do. By doing this you are guaranteed to foster a loyal following that will ensure the business of your eBook and future books.