Event management nowadays, from classic communication to web reputation

Event Management is the art of planning, managing and monitoring an event, whatever is the market. If you are looking for an expert event manager you may like to know exactly what he or she does and how he or she could help your business to grow.

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Nowadays, there are several agencies in event management with a team of professionals skilled in Digital PR, Marketing, New Media, Graphics and many other branches of Communications. They offer a wide range of services and activities that are very different from those from the past times. Internet and the web changed the way they were planned and managed before the World Wide Web invention. Let’s discover the most important differences.

Event Management before the www

The steps necessary to organize a successful event are always the same and they are:

  1. The planning and strategic phase, according to client needs and business goals.
  2. The organization. It includes the search for suppliers, location and many other pragmatica things.
  3. Communication and Advertising: it is necessary to promote the what, where and when!
  4. Ongoing Event Management:
  5. KPI monitoring and reporting, during and after the show.

Before the advent of the web all these activities took place offsite. It means that every step was slower and more complicated than today. Event organizers can trust only on a few number of media: the class mail, the telephone and press, of course. The margin of error was greater and communication times were long. so it was necessary to work on all these steps well in advance of the event date.

Also, classic communication required a few number of experts such as a PR manager, a Graphic Designer and an Account, at least. Nowadays, it is impossible to think about a so small number of professionals working on the organization of a fashion show, an art exhibition or a fair. Event management is something much more difficult and modern agencies work on a larger scale.

Events planning from 20th century to nowadays

The first, main innovation from the 20th century regards the large number of skills required by the market. It is not important if you are planning a fashion show or an art exhibition because the only thing you have to know is that there are several, new professionals you will need to ask for a contribution in your project. This is the reason why we suggest you to ask for an agency instead of a single professional.

Digital industry experts are the most requested professionals for the management of the step number three “communication and advertising”. Street posters, radio and TV spots are no longer enough to promote an event. It is necessary to invest a lot on social networks and paid advertising campaigns on websites.

Also, Web professionals are largely required for the step number five “KPI monitoring”. When we talk about KPIs today, we are talking mostly about online data. For example, the number of visualizations or visits to the website after the show; the reviews that a brand gains after the party; the reputation of a newborn fashion brand on the national and international press, after the show. A web analytics expert is able to read and to understand these information and to explain them to the client according to business and strategic goals.